Temporary Grave Markers

Galvanized Steel Temporary Markers

All grave markers are enamel baked galvanized steel which ensures long lasting, rust resistant use. Acrylic panes, polyethylene envelopes and Bristol cards are included. Markers are packed 25 to a box, minimum order one box. Your choice of color: Gray, Green, or Black.

109  grave marker  grave marker temporary grave markers
 100 / 101 (tilted)  grave marker grave marker grave marker
 112 / 113 (tilted)  grave marker grave marker grave marker

Cast Aluminum Grave Marker (PL-F)

  • Cast Aluminum top, with steel stake
  • 4" x 4" plexiglass cover
  • Comes with cards
temporary grave marker

McNeill Grave Markers

mcneill grave maker

C166 Chrome Grave Marker
#50 Gold Grave Marker
#49 Silver Grave Marker

With each order: Emblems, nameplates and box of assorted embossed aluminum, silver topped on black background letters and numbers. Die cast top 4i/2"x 81/2". Aluminum stake 153/4". Easy assembled letters, nameplates snap into place. Choice of emblems, nameplates imprinted with your firm's name (minimum order 25 markers).

No.900-Alummum Grave Marker
With each order: Nameplates imprinted with your firm's name. Assorted box of letters, numbers and letterholders. Easy assembled. Size 81/2" x4s/8" top. 153/4" aluminum stake (minimum order 3 dz. markers).All Aluminum, No Glass, Attractive and Economical

No. 700- Aluminum Grave MarkerSISTO Aluminum Grave Marker
Fill in information on aluminum insert with ball point pen or pencil. Imprinted with your firm's name (minimum order
3 dz. markers).